Jiu Jitsu
What is Brazilian Jujitsu?

What is Brazilian Jujitsu?

A sport discipline in the martial arts category, Brazilian jujitsu is one of Brazil’s national pride and joy. This martial art is an adaptation of another very well known and famous fighting sport in the world. However, it is quite recent to compare it to martial arts such as judo, karate or kickboxing.

The specificity of this discipline allows it to make a place for itself in the very competitive world of martial arts. Indeed, thanks to the many prizes won in the various tournaments he has taken part in, he has become very well known and respected.

The particularities of this discipline are worth to him to be practiced today all over the world. The world’s greatest competitors regularly use it in mixed combat tournaments. One cannot understand or speak in depth about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu without mentioning the Gracie family.

How Jiu Jitsu was born

The Brazilian Jujitsu known as JJB is as we previously defined a martial art and a fighting sport, it comes from the traditional Japanese jujitsu better known as “judo”. Also called “human chess game”, its main goal is to subdue an opponent through a joint key or a stranglehold.

The JJB was born out of a rehabilitation of judo, it was developed to help a light person to be able to immobilize an opponent much heavier than him. It draws all its essence from floor work, which is the main difference between jujitsu and judo.

It was developed by a member of the Gracie family who, over time, has modified it by combat techniques in order to adapt it to his physique. These various modifications were perfected so from fight to fight to finally give way to a new jujitsu the”Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The history of the JJB

It all starts in 1917 when, after more than a decade of career as a
professional fighter, the very talented disciple of the founding father of judo Mitsusyo Maeda decided to to settle permanently in Brazil.

After finishing his training, he decided to open a school of jiujitsu (judo) and took the opportunity to pass on this knowledge to his brothers. Only one of them, because of his frail body, was not allowed to practice, however, he attended the different classes very attentively.

By a coincidence, a student presented himself to him in the absence of the master of the place, strong of his numerous theoretical knowledge stored during the courses. He took advantage of this opportunity to practice jujitsu by adapting it to his frail physique. He thus favors technique over leverage and timing over brute force, and this is how the Brazilian jujitsu was born.

The peculiarity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is very similar to his ancestor Japanese jiujitsu
better known under the name of judo, the similarities between these two arts are so close that an amateur could be deceive. However, there are many differences between these two martial arts especially in terms of practical.

Brazilian jujitsu is exclusively based on working on the floor unlike judo which aims to throw the opponent to the floor. The floor work is done through key submission techniques, chokes and muscle immobilization.

In addition, Brazilian jujitsu favors very technical holds involving joint keys such as kimura which are often very painful and force the opponent to abandon. Thus, all joints can be subject to painful keys unlike judo which allows only arm or elbow keys.

The notoriety of Brazilian jiujitsu

It is important to know that the JJB, like all martial arts, had to show what it was capable of before being recognized worldwide as a fighting sport in its own right. It has therefore perfected over the years and has managed to establish itself as a high-performance martial art in the course of fights.

These particularities have allowed him to counter and overcome many other martial arts, giving him the ability to qualities that have made it one of the most used weapons in mixed combat situations. It is important to know that through jiujitsu Brazilian to achieve prowess despite his small size by beating the top Japanese, American and European fighters.

Some Brazilian jiujitsu techniques

As you do know, this discipline favors ground work thanks to different techniques of attacks, defenses, and plugs, compression keys muscle or joint. One can thus, for example, proceed to a strangulation, maintain the opponent back to the ground while being on him or compress his chest thanks to his knee.

Brazilian jiujitsu is a martial art and combat sport that requires endurance and intelligence. Indeed, the order of the sequence of techniques
efficient tillage depends on many factors. All joints may be subject to
joint keys and muscle compressions (ankle,elbow, neck, knee, wrist shoulder, etc.) to push the opponent to abandonment.

Good to know about jiu jitsu

The outfit with which we practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is called Keikogi, or kimono JJB it looks like the kimono of karatekas or judokas with the difference that it is tighter on the sleeves. In competition, the only colors allowed are black, white and blue, it is also possible to practice it with a simple t-shirt and shorts, as MMA practitioners do.